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Boost Sales By Making Your Ebooks More "Real"

by Viki Nygaard © 2002   


Before the Internet came on the scene, buying books was a very "physical" experience. People would wander through bookstores at their leisure picking up books that caught their eye. They'd hold the book, read the back cover or introduction, and flip through the pages to glance at the chapter titles. With the dawn of ebooks, that all changed.

Now, people view a description on their monitor and maybe an image or graphic of what the virtual cover might look like. But the physical - and sometimes emotional - experience of buying a book dramatically changed. Many people miss it! In order to boost your ebook sales, it's a very good idea to make your virtual work as "real" as possible.

Attract Attention

When scanning through hundreds of bookshelves at your local bookstore, what is it about a book that makes you stop and pick it up? Most likely it's the book cover. It might be the colors or the pictures, or even the title, but something about the cover attracts your attention.

Likewise, one way to make your ebook stand out and command immediate attention is to create a visually appealing graphic cover to represent your ebook. The perfect ebook cover graphic - one that implements the right colors and images - will have an immediate visual impact on the buyer. It will not only stimulate their emotions, but will help to make the ebook "real" in their minds.

One thing that's important to point out is that your ebook cover graphic must look professional. The graphic should be clear, not fuzzy, and if possible, the image(s) used should represent what the book is about. Also, consider using a 3-D format for your ebook cover rather than a flat graphic as 3-D images have a more realistic look.

Woo Them With Words

Once you've captured the potential buyer's attention with an attractive ebook cover graphic, you need to entice them to buy using carefully chosen words. When people pick up a physical book, the first thing they usually do is flip it over to read the back cover. The back cover normally consists of a short book summary and some teasers. Teasers are often used to heighten the reader's interest, which in turn, can provoke them to buy.

In comparison, you need to use the same technique with your ebook by writing a good sales page. Your sales page should use powerful attention-getting headings and subheadings. Be sure to highlight the benefits to the reader and include some testimonials. Furthermore, offer complimentary bonuses as an incentive to buy as well as a guarantee.

Give Them A Sample

Finally, you may want to offer a table of contents as well as a free chapter of the book for your potential buyers to download and read. Just as with being able to "sample" a physical book in the bookstore, If they have any hesitations or doubts, a free chapter of your ebook will often put them to rest and be the final enticement needed to make the purchase.

While you can't give back the entire experience of buying a traditional book, you can help to alleviate many of the "missing" elements. When you do so, you'll make buying your ebook comfortable and enjoyable for the customer and escalate sales for yourself at the same time!

Want more tips, tactics and resources for creating & selling your ebooks? Visit http://www.ebookpublishingtools.com. Viki has put together an arsenal of tools that no ebook publisher should be without. From writing to marketing to sales tools, you'll find everything you need to make your next ebook a complete success!