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Using Squidoo To Boost Book Sales

by Kareen Ross   


Squidoo is a social network, yes, another one. However, they do have benefits in as much as we all need to promote our books and services! With the onset of social networks such as MySpace, FaceBook, Digg, and others I tried Squidoo first. Why? well it sounded so cute and years ago when I signed up for MySpace, I really wasn't sure what was going on so it caused me a great deal of angst.

This type of page is excellent for you to begin your book's web-presence unless you already have a website that will hold your information. Once you purchase a URL you will be able to redirect it to this type of page and you'll be part of a social network that, with the appropriate keywords will be able to locate your book by it's name or subject. And you can place links to your Amazon, Lulu or other sales page listings. Extending the promotional and marketing reach of your book and subject.

Here are a few short How To explanation and examples and possible suggestions for the use of such a page for your service, product or book.

Squidoo and its lens and modules

1. A lens is a page, for a service or your book... in detail. I find this very exciting for what that offers. If you have several businesses and concepts you can make a lens that will spotlight all of them and one for each. This way getting more 'solid' back links if you have a website otherwise it's good exposure to the social network participants. You might consider to post some photos and some copy and some videos and amazon favorites and it works it's way for promoting your stuff. (yes, the is a technical term)

2. Modules: this is how you get your information into the lens. They have modules for video, RSS, text and about a total of eleven different choices to choose from and as many of any one that you want. You can chose from one to unlimited text modules to spot light your products, books, testimonials and articles, just to give you an idea of how you can use them.

3. The text module: I wanted to discuss this a little bit. I found that since I'm not a code wiz, If you use a WYSIWYG web page builder, type or copy/paste any text your want to put on the site in to the WYSIWYG program and add all the appropriate links... yes links! to the other pages you might want to spotlight. All this is done in the web page builder and then you view the source and copy and paste into the Squidoo text module where your image is already. Try not to do any hard returns because I noticed it left to much space between the paragraphs so only use a soft return. (shift/return)

4. General layout: There is a place for your photo and bio. There is an introduction 'pre-set' module for yours or your book's photo and text. This is the first module on the page so it's an important one, you might check what your niche keywords are and get as many into this space as you can to help direct traffic.

When you start adding the modules and you can move them around in what ever sequence you what...maybe one day you want the video first and the next day you want another book first... simple click and drag. AND I mean simple!

And my next visit is going to be to FaceBook. You too might want to start exploring the different sites. I'm really getting the benefit of the promotional part of these pages and how keywords are so important to match up to your book subject or service. I'll post another article to keep you abreast of what 's going on over there... I hear it's pretty good too!

And after all, we do need to do at least one promotional action a day to keep our momentum moving along. As a professional graphic designer my book design services offer you helpful guidance, creative concept discussion, book cover and interior design and formatting services,website and e-book design. I ALSO offer Consulting Services that assist you in the promotional and marketing directives etc for your books and services and products.

To gain more knowledge on how to take good advantage of what I offer please visit me, Kareen Ross at my website http://www.BookCoverDesigner.com to contact me for more information on how you can get your book out there...

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