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Alternative Ways To Getting Published

by PublishingCentral.com   


It is perhaps every writers dream to have his or her own book published. Traditionally, to get your work into print you had to go through the taxing process by submitting your manuscript to dozens of firms, just to be able to get an agent, and then a publisher. And when you get to the agonizing waiting phase, what may disappoint you is that you may not always get that call back to ensure that your work has impressed people enough for them to get it into print.

However, it is a relief to know for many aspiring published authors these days that publishing trends have vastly changed in the past few years. Not only are you given a lot more options to get your work published these days, but you are also empowered through the alternatives to take things into your own hands. Let us learn about the different alternatives to getting your own book published.

The Indie Movement

If you're worried that the well-known publishing firms have not offered to print your book, do not give up. Many authors these days have successfully published without the help of an agent or a famous New York publisher. Many trade paperback houses these days are more willing to take their chances on new and unknown writers. This is because trade paperback houses have much smaller print demands than bigger and better known firms.

A growing trend for smaller firms is the use of new technology and technique for printing called Print on Demand. Through this new method, a small order or even a single book can be produced into print, and thus there no longer is a need for a huge press run. And take that there has been a growing market for independent products these days, and this just may be your ticket to get your work noticed.

The eBook Revolution

Electronic publishing is another viable alternative to get your book a reading audience. Since the Internet is a vast world to get information from, such electronic publishers are interested in a huge variety of genre. From self-help books, to romance, mystery, science fiction and fantasy, these are all in demand on the World Wide Web.

This can be a very practical and fast way to market your work as eBooks are sold online and can be read on peoples laptops, computers, handheld readers, cell phones and a lot of other electronic devices. And you won't have to spend a lot in shipping or printing costs.


The technological advancement these days have also paved way to making self-publishing another viable option for you to get your work printed. Doing this no longer costs you six to seven thousand dollars just to get your break into print, but instead, you can now make this happen at a much cheaper price.

There are now printers who are willing to publish a book for a few hundred dollars. And you can contact and pay a printer to produce your book for a certain fee. After this, you can use your own charisma and marketing skills to sell your book.

Through this method, you are able to have total control and you call all the shots. You do not have to wait for an agent or an editor to discover you, but instead, you can take things into your own hands by investing your own money. If your book becomes a hit, this means that you can enjoy the returns and rights for yourself.

Like any business venture, this method of publishing may have much potential for success, but may also have a great chance that it may fail. Make sure that you are diligent during the distribution process to assure sales and learn to be aggressive in your own marketing.

Publishing trends have truly changed so much in the past few years. As a writer, you are now empowered with the many new alternatives for you to be able to get your work into the hands of people who can read it. You are also given the chance to make your own decisions and take hold of all your creative rights.

Gone are the days that you had to wait for a long time to have some big time publishing house pay attention to your work. More often than not, in this long and excruciating process, you may get too many rejections and this may often make you feel discouraged. But now, you have these alternatives to choose from and with a bit of hard work and a charismatic use of your marketing skills, you might just hit the jackpot through your own perseverance.