What’s In An Audiobook Review?

Audiobook reviews are not just book reviews, because an audiobook is not just a story. Audiobooks have many more elements that can make or break the production than just the story, and so reviews of audiobooks are distinct and unique things that may include some critique of the story, but the focus is on the audio production itself.
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Giving Your Digital Audiobook Away

While some authors can’t imagine a reason for giving away their books, in any format, there are some valid reasons you might want to give away all or part of your book in audio format. Continue reading

Do-It-Yourself Narration

Many self-published authors also are quite capable of narrating their own books. While audiobook narration can be difficult to adjust to, experimenting with tone and speed before trying to record for an audience can help create a good outcome. Continue reading

So You Want To Become An Audiobook Publisher

While financial barriers to entry into print and ebook publishing have decreased significantly in recent years, starting up as an audiobook publisher still carries some significant costs. Continue reading

Reading Comprehension Increases with Audiobooks

Love of reading and reading comprehension go hand in hand, and audiobooks have proven to promote increased reading activity – and advance reading comprehension, something many people struggle with on a day to day basis. Continue reading

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