Audiobooks Are Gaining in Popularity


Audiobooks aren’t just for long trips anymore. The market has taken off since the 1980s when the publishing industry began to record its best sellers. Audiobook sales have steadily increased ever since that time.

Now, audiobooks are attracting even more fans because of famous narrators lending their voices to read them. You can also easily download them into computers or digital players for future use and pleasure.

The future looks bright for the audiobook industry with digital downloading capability and celebrities who take the time to promote a favorite book or author by placing their names on the jackets and their voices on the recordings.

The Internet has been especially helpful in causing audiobook sales to climb to the top of the charts. Web sites abound that offer audiobooks – some read by fans rather than professionals.

Since their inception, children’s audiobooks have been instrumental in teaching children to read. Now, these same children have grown up and are using audiobooks in college. It’s a way to increase the number of books they read on a subject and also increases their comprehension of the books.

Audiobooks have always been indispensable to the blind. Now, magazine publishers are making their monthly offerings available in audiobook format and the blind are able to subscribe to it in the same way the written version is presented.

This holiday season will see a jump in sales of iPods. It seems that almost everyone covets the little device that allows easy portability of music, computer technology and audiobooks.

These little gems can be taken on an early morning jog, trips across the country or a waiting room in a doctor’s office. Rather than listening to only music, users can tune in to a book on the current political situation, a past historical event – or simply something entertaining.

Self-help books are especially popular in audiobook format. You can become inspired or learn a new job technique just by reading with your ears rather than your eyes.

In our world of multitasking, audiobooks give people the potential to learn while we work. Their sales potential looks bright as their popularity increases and more and more we view them as a valuable tool in our everyday lives.

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