Giving Your Digital Audiobook Away


While some authors can’t imagine a reason for giving away their books, in any format, there are some valid reasons you might want to give away all or part of your book in audio format.Whether you’re putting it free online because you’d rather be poor and famous than obscure, or whether you’re using a free audio version to promote the print edition of your book, or whether it’s the first book in a series, and the more readers and listeners you can hook, the larger your profits will be down the road, there are a number of places you can put your audiobook online to good effect. offers audiobooks in free, serialized form that can be listened to from the Podiobooks site or delivered in RSS form. The books are most often read by the author, and the quality is often surprisingly good.

I took a look at the author forum, and was pleased to see how much constructive feedback author/narrators receive on samples they submit for critique. If you’ve never narrated before, it might be a valuable education just to go through the process to improve your skills in narration and audio manipulation.

Of all the ways to get the word out about your free audiobook, the most important is probably iTunes. By serializing your audiobook and submitting each chapter as a podcast, you can get your story out to millions of potential listeners.

There are many other podcast directories online that you can submit your site to, but iTunes is the largest by far.

If your problem is that you are languishing in obscurity, you may decide that the best use of your audiobook is to host the free content yourself on your own blog or website and offer it up in exchange for a link or social media recognition. Check out and Pay With a Tweet for some examples of how you can do this. By growing your own website and social media profile, you can push yourself out of obscurity, and provide a good platform for your next book.

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