Do-It-Yourself Narration

Many self-published authors also are quite capable of narrating their own books. While audiobook narration can be difficult to adjust to, experimenting with tone and speed before trying to record for an audience can help create a good outcome. Continue reading

Audio Dramatists Lexicon

Audio dramatist Yuri Rasovsky, founder of National Radio Theater, has compiled this list of important terms as a 'mini-course' in audio drama.

Audiobook Seminar

Consisting of two four-hour sessions on consecutive days at WaveDancer Audio in Los Angeles, the seminar begins with a brief overview of the multi-faceted structure of the audio publishing industry, then focuses on the process of creating an audiobook in the studio

Blackstone Audio Narrators

A list of narrators for Blackstone Audio, linked to the books they've narrated for the company.

Getting Started in Audiobook Narration

Join Voice Over Expert Bettye Zoller as she introduces you to "Getting Started in Audiobook Narration".

Good, Bad and Ugly: Classifying Narrators

Some insight on what makes a good, or bad, audiobook narrator.

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