Giving Your Digital Audiobook Away

While some authors can’t imagine a reason for giving away their books, in any format, there are some valid reasons you might want to give away all or part of your book in audio format. Continue reading offers downloadable audiobooks that can be played from your desktop with their free player, or downloaded into a small remote play device that you can purchase from their site.

Free (advertiser supported) audiobooks in MP3 format.

AudiobookStand DL

Bestselling audiobooks available in Overdrive WMA format.

Learn Out Loud

LearnOutLoud is home to more than 30,000 educational audiobooks, mp3 downloads, podcasts and videos.

Light Up Your Brain Stories

Chuck Brown narrates a number of stories for children on his must-see site.


NewFiction offers a library of audio books that are performed by multiple actors. Sign in and you will get a daily installment that can be delivered to your computer, iPod, iPad, or Smartphone.

PodOmatic bills itself as the largest community of independent podcasters on the planet.


"An online audio library of instruction aimed at supporting a comprehensive Christian world and life view."

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