The Black River Chapbook Competition Deadline: May 31, 2014

The Black River Chapbook Competition is a semi-annual prize from Black Lawrence Press for a chapbook of short fiction or poems. Entries should be between 16 and 36 pages in length. The winner will receive $500 and publication. Recent winners include: Lisa Fay Coutley, Amelia Martens, Charlotte Pence, Russel Swensen,  Nick McRae, Shane McCrae, Simone Muench, Blake Kimzey, and Caleb Curtiss.

Entry deadline for the Spring 2014 Competition: 

May 31, 2014. 

Complete submission guidelines are available here.

The Destruction of Publishing

It seems I can’t go a week without hearing about how the publishing industry is being destroyed.

Everyone seems to be in on it. Self-publishing is destroying publishing, Amazon is destroying publishing, the big 6 are destroying publishing with their celebrity books, and now The Nation tells me that “mergermania” is destroying publishing.
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Tablets or Textbooks

There is a concerted move on the part of some schools and definitely legislators to push K-12 schools away from print textbooks toward tablets like the iPad. Continue reading

Very Short Fiction Contest – Deadline Oct 27

Bookkus Publishing is seeking very short fiction (250-1,500 words) for its fall competition. All entries should somehow address the theme of pregnancy and/or childhood. We want stories that inspire, warm your heart, make you laugh, and feel sincere about the trials, tribulations, and joys of being pregnant and having children. Stories from mothers, fathers, and siblings will give some great perspectives on our theme.
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Bella Andre’s Harlequin Deal – A Game Changer

Earlier this month, announced the acquisition of New York Times bestselling and digital phenomenon Bella Andre’s Sullivan series in a major seven-figure deal.

Most media outlets covered it as just another self-publishing success story, just like Amanda Hocking or E.L. James. Andre’s story, however, is different. Continue reading