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Tablets or Textbooks

There is a concerted move on the part of some schools and definitely legislators to push K-12 schools away from print textbooks toward tablets like the iPad. Continue reading

Bella Andre’s Harlequin Deal – A Game Changer

Earlier this month, announced the acquisition of New York Times bestselling and digital phenomenon Bella Andre’s Sullivan series in a major seven-figure deal.

Most media outlets covered it as just another self-publishing success story, just like Amanda Hocking or E.L. James. Andre’s story, however, is different. Continue reading

Why Self-Published Authors Should Leave Negative Reviews on Amazon

I know a number of self-published authors who also love to help other authors with their book promotion by leaving reviews on Amazon. While most of these people won’t fake a good review if the book is horrible, most of them, because they feel some solidarity with other self-published writers, or whether they’re just too nice to leave critical reviews, will merely decline to leave a review for books that are too awful to write anything nice about. Continue reading

Why Authors Are Falling Out of Love With Harlequin

In ¬†North America, Harlequin Enterprises is a name almost synonymous with romance novels. With a stable of more than 1,300 authors, the Canadian-based company publishes about 110 new romance and women’s fiction titles each month — about half of all romance titles published in North America.

Continue reading

Promoting Your Books As A Cure For The Summer Slide

Every parent of a school-aged child has heard of the dreaded “Summer Slide.”

Research has shown that children who do not read over the summer will lose more than two months of reading achievement. Worse than that, the slide is cumulative. If a child, over the course of her elementary school education, does not read during the summers, by the end of 6th grade, she will lag two years behind her classmates in reading and comprehension. Continue reading