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Goodbye Mr. Tiger Beat: Teen Magazine Publisher Charles Laufer Dies

Charles Laufer, who built a publishing career with youth-oriented fan magazines such as Tiger Beat, has died. He was 87.

A 1971 Times story described Laufer’s staff covering every move by Cassidy, then star of the television series “The Partridge Family,” and producing “about 15 David Cassidy stories a month and sentences that almost always end with an exclamation mark (David ordered a steak!).”

How can you use Twitter?

Folio: blogger Dan Blank has an interesting post this week about how several Reed publications use Twitter to improve their brand and connect with their readers.

The varying uses fall in a few broad categories that all publishers can emulate:

  • Announcements
    Using Twitter to post about new columns, or give a heads up on new coverage. This is the most obvious, and perhaps the most over-used, use of Twitter.
  • Reputation Building
    By contributing responses and original “tweets” to the topics they cover, reporters can increase their reputation as experts in those topics. If those in the niches know they’re actively covering those topics, they’ll likely be notified of anything newsworthy
  • Conversation and Feedback
    Using Twitter to get readers involved in the content of the magazine can increase loyalty, as well as help shape future coverage of similar topics. Asking specific questions to your niche followers can lead to stories and angles you wouldn’t have discovered on your own.

    Library Journal Managing Editor Heather McCormack….. [ Twitter] allows her to interact with her audience in small ways each day, even though she is actually sitting in a gray cubicle in New York City.

  • Primary Source for News
    While Twitter should not be used as the basis of a news story without collaboration, it is a way to get a heads up on online happenings quickly.

    The recent battle over e-book pricing at Amazon is a good example. I heard about Amazon removing the buy buttons from Macmillan titles on Twitter first and we were able to respond quickly with our own story. — Calvin Reid, Publishers Weekly

Read the full post here.

Turn Your Blog into a Print Magazine

One of the more interseting moves in publishing of late is a startup called Printcasting.

It is a free service that lets you create custom newsletter-styled magazines with your own blog content, and content others have contributed to the service. The magazine you create is constantly updated with your chosen content, and you can download and print as many copies as you want to distribute.

Your magazine will feature paid ads, the revenue from which is shared with you.

I can think of more than a few ways to use this service, from packaging your blog’s ‘magazine’ with a job application, to promoting your site by dropping off copies at trade shows, or even your local doctor’s office or local library if your blog has a broad appeal or a local focus.

Popular blogs might find this an interesting revenue generation tool as well, since advertisers tend to spend more money for print ads than their online equivalent.

Directory of Magazines and their People on Twitter

This is the beginnings of a directory of magazine publishers, editors, and other magazine professionals on Twitter.

Follow @pubcentral on Twitter to get updates when more magazines, editors and publishers are added to the list.

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@auddevmag / Audience Development-A trade magazine to help content publishers build and manage audience.

@believermag / The Believer Magazine / The Believer is a monthly magazine focused on writers and books.

@besthealthmag / Best Health Magazine / Canada’s magazine for women who want to look better and feel great: health, wellness, fitness, beauty and eating well.

@BizarreMagazine / Bizarre Magazine UK, your complete guide to worlds most bizarre videos, fetish, weird pictures, sexy videos, tattoos, sexy girls, human oddities & freaks

@canadian_living / Jennifer Villamere / Senior Web Editor

@citydogmagazine / Smart, city-savvy and fun, CityDog brings the joys of life with our four-legged friends to dog lovers throughout the West.

@cityweekend / City Weekend (China) / only the hardest working magazine in the business

@CottageLifeMag / Cottage Life / Articles, recipes, advice, resources, and humour for your cottage, cabin, or camp.

@Cover_Magazine / Denmark

@craft / Craft magazine from O’Reilly

@dinemag / Dine Magazine / Focusing on South Florida dining entertainment

@DogLiving / a lifestyle magazine for nc dog lovers from the capital to the coast

@DraftMag / America’s Favorite Beer Magazine. DRAFT combines a fun and quippy style with knowledge to deliver the definitive resource for the beer lover’s lifestyle.

@DUJourMag / America’s first independent, internationally distributed, eco-friendly fashion publication dedicated exclusively to emerging designers.

@DWDVDFiles / The ultimate build-up Doctor Who encyclopedia magazine (UK)

@ElizaMagazine / Follow Eliza Magazine Editor-in-Chief Summer Bellessa.

@ExistereJournal /¬†Existere Journal /¬†York University’s Journal of Arts and Literature

@eyemagazine / Eye, the international review of graphic design, is a quarterly magazine, with in-depth writing and engaging visuals for designers and students worldwide.

@explore_mag / explore /¬†Canada’s outdoor magazine

@FilterMagazine / Good Music Will Prevail

@FitnessMagazine / At FITNESS Magazine, we’re about body confidence, real women, and healthy living.

@FolioMag / The magazine for magazine management.

@frankieMagazine / frankie magazine is a national bi-monthly based in Australia, aimed at women (and men) looking for a magazine that’s as smart, funny, sarcastic, friendly, cute, rude, arty, curious and caring as they are.

@getmedownunder / Australia & New Zealand magazine / The UK’s number one magazine for Down Under. Advice on migration, travel and much more.

@Grazia_Live / The editorial team of Britain’s weekly glossy magazine bring you fashion literally as it happens!

@HOWmag / The community for graphic designers.

@ID_Magazine / The original fashion and style bible.

@INCMagazine / The magazine for entrepreneurs. Broadcasting live from New York City.

@marie_claire_au / Australia’s number 1 fashion magazine

@Marketing_Mag / Marketing Magazine / Canada’s leading marketing and advertising magazine

@MoreMagazine / The UK’s only weekly magazine with bloke advice, high street fashion, beauty and celebrity news

@MuchmorMedia / Chris Toombes (MuchmorMedia) – Owner of Muchmor Media and The Muchmor Business Network (MBN) a Canadian focused small business network.

@newint / New Internationalist Magazine /Progressive monthly magazine with focus on international politics and world affairs.

@NewMediaAge / NMA is the UK’s only weekly magazine covering the business of interactive media: the Internet, wireless internet and interactive TV.

@NursingTimes / Leading UK website and magazine nursing news, jobs and clinical resources

@OKMagazine / OK! Magazine USA

@outerpublishing / Patterns of Creative Aggression / Design and Art magazine from Australia.

@PCMagThe Independent Guide to Technology since 1982

@penthouse / Our flagship publication, Penthouse Magazine, has been provoking and stimulating readers around the globe since 1965.

@pubexec / Publishing Executive / Monthly publication for senior-level magazine publishing executives

@pulseitmagazine / Simon James / Twitter updates from Australia’s first and only Health IT magazine, Pulse+IT.

@Real_Simple / REAL SIMPLE magazine and make life easier by giving creative, practical and inspiring solutions for both the everyday and special occasions.

@RIDEBMX / The life, times, and tidbits of four lonely RideBMX editors and their print and online efforts.

@rocksound / Rock Sound / Rock Sound is the UK’s leading expert in new and alternative music. Since launching in 1999 launch it has grown through 3 media channels; the flagship magazine title, its website and a highly sought out newsletter with breaking rock news. Collectively Rock Sound delivers an audience in excess of 150,000 rock music fans every month.

@RogueOnline / Rogue Magazine (Phillipines) / Lifestyles on the edge

@Saponifier /Saponifier Magazine / The magazine for handcrafted soap, toiletry & candle makers

@ShapeStyleGuru / Executive Style Director

@Ski_Net / Gear. Travel. Action. Home of SKI Magazine, Skiing Magazine, and Warren Miller Entertainment.

@SnkrFrkrMag / Sneaker Freaker / World’s greatest Boogazine about Sneakers

@soteriamag / A Christian youth lifestyle magazine which features advice for young people and loads of reviews to help you live a lifestyle worth living!

@spacing / Spacing / Toronto magazine about public spaces.

@Spex / (Germany) Spex ist eine D?©pendance von Spex – Magazin f?ºr Popkultur

@techlearning / Tech & Learning Magazine

@thismagazine / This Magazines / Progressive Canadian politics and culture since 1966. Because Everything is Political.

@toronto_life / Toronto Life Daily

@upmagazine / Assistant Editor for Up Magazine,  a Canadian in-flight travel publication for WestJet airline

@UtneReader / Utne Reader / digest of independent ideas and alternative culture.

@UXmag / UX Magazine’s Twitter feed. By @alexoid, @cdemetriadis & @howardmann

@VaporsMagazine / Vapors delivers all the latest in street-wear and street-art, with a twist of skate and music thrown in.

@VoiceMagazine / Advancing Christian life and culture by sharing what the Holy Spirit is saying and equipping believers to fulfill their destiny.

@WalrusMagazine / Canada’s best mag: an ornery beast

@Washingtonian /Washingtonian Magazine

@Web_Designer / Web Designer is het magazine voor webdesigners, met nieuws, tutorials en achtergrondartikelen voor zowel beginners als professionals.

@winemakermag / WineMaker Magazine / WineMaker is a magazine for people who enjoy making wine at home.

@wired / Wired Magazine

@wornjournal / Independent Canadian fashion publication dealing with the ideas and concepts of clothing from a historical, cutural, politcal and personal perspective.

@YankeeMagazine / New England’s Magazine


@BillPalmer / publisher of iProng Magazine, the publication for iPhone, iPod, music, podcasting, and social media lovers

@MTurro / Director of Publishing Technologies @ MShanken Communications – publishers of Wine Spectator, Cigar Aficionado, and others

@voicelady / Janie C Jessee /Voice Magazine for Women

Writers & Editors

@393MagEditor / Joy Henson / I’m the editor of a social magazine called 393.

@alexismadrigal / energy and science staff writer

@BRCeditor / Cara Ellen Modisett is editor of Blue Ridge Country magazine, a pianist and a public radio reporter/producer.

@CameronStrang / Jesus follower, husband, RELEVANT magazine honcho (and everyone’s *favorite* podcast cast member), fan of the Magic and Gators. That about sums it up.

@chezza217 / Commercial Manager for Specialist Publications (UK) – contract publisher and all round comms whizards

@gfscott / Writer, editor of This Magazine

@NeilRoad / Editorial Director ROAD Magazine The Journal of Road Cycling

@OonaTuomi / Finland / Journalist, Editor-in-Chief, Publishing Manager. I’ve done it all in the magazine business. Founder of Demi magazine, & Miss Mix,TV magazine ed-in-chief

@wendyperrin / Editor & columnist at Conde Nast Traveler mag. Author of “Secrets Every Smart Traveler Should Know” (Fodor’s). Exhausted mom of 2 hyperkinetic boy

@Marilyn_Res / chief researcher, National Geographic Traveler magazine

@VlatonaSHAPE / Valerie Latona / Editor in Chief, Shape Magazine


@Canadianmags / CanadianMags Blogger / Blogging about Canadian magazines

@NatMagAwards / Canada’s annual National Magazine Awards

Digital is Not Print

Many newspapers and magazines over the past year have switched to digital-only editions. In some schools of thought, the only difference between a print edition and a digital edition of a magazine or newspaper is the delivery mechanism.

But they are very different in many ways, and the same business model that is applied to print cannot simply be moved over to digital and expected to function the same way. The understanding of these differences should be at the core of every decision made when creating a digital version of a publication.

When I get a magazine in the mail, I have to do something with it. That physical object I hold in my hands has to go somewhere. Admittedly, there are a few newspapers and free local magazines that get delivered to my home that go directly into the recycling bin. But I have to look at it to decide whether it has any value to me before I do so. I can’t just ignore it.

Digital magazines are easy to ignore. It’s completely passive. You can ignore a digital magazine simply by forgetting or omitting to go to the website.

When I keep a magazine and start to read it, my purpose is to read the magazine. I don’t necessarily read every word of every article, but I do go through the entire publication from front to back and read most of what interests me. Readers at a magazine’s online site are rarely there because they want to read the whole magazine. Rather, they are there for a specific piece of content.

For example, I subscribe to a craft magazine. Each month I read through the magazine pretty much from cover to cover. That magazine also has a fairly large and useful digital edition with extra content, and I find myself there quite often. But when I’m there it is never because I directly typed in the URL to see what the new content was. I either found content there via a search for something specific, like “Easter paper crafts,” or I saw a link in a blog post or Twitter feed, or some other direct link to a specific piece of content.

Print copies magazines can be taken anywhere, don’t require batteries or a plug, and aren’t going to disappear if the company publishing them goes out of business.

Digital copies of magazines are searchable, can be interactive, can be linked to from blogs and social media, and can include audio, video, animations and other things print will never be able to do.

I’m not saying that one format is superior than the other. I am saying that they are different, and if your idea to digitize your magazine is to put a replica of your print issue into some flip-book software, you are probably missing out on most of the advantages of digital media.