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This second volume in the series of Classics of American Librarianship is devoted to library work with children. As stated in the preface to the first volume, on "Library and school," the papers chosen are primarily of historic rather than of present-day value, although many of them embody principles which govern the practice of today. They have been grouped under general headings in order to bring more closely together material relating to the same or to similar subjects. Several different phases of children's work are thus represented, although no attempt has been made to make the collection comprehensive.

Book-selection for children has not been included except incidentally, since it is expected that this subject will be treated in another volume as part of the general subject of book-selection. In the same way, material on training for library work with children has been reserved for a volume on library training.

The present volume is an attempt to bring together in accessible form papers representing the growth and tendencies of forty years of library work with children.


Library Work with Children

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