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University Students Not Keen On eTextbooks

In March 2011, a study by the research division of the National Association of College Stores (NACS) found that 75% of college students across the United States still preferred to have a print copy of their textbooks rather than a digital one.  Although there was a 6% increase in digital textbook purchases over the previous year, digital textbooks are still quite far from taking over the college textbook market. Continue reading

How Important Are Cover Images for Ebooks?

In the world of digital books, is the cover as important as it once was? After all, most of the time the consumer isn’t going to see the cover any larger than an inch tall in the ebookstore and in her ebook reader’s library, so is it still worthwhile to spend the money on a professionally designed cover?
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Ebooks, Publishers and Libraries. A Bibliography Of The Conflict

Publishers and Libraries have been at odds over ebooks for some time now. I’ve collected a sampling of articles and blog posts from the past 18 months chronicling the conflict.
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Selling Your Own Ebooks Through WordPress

Although most of your ebooks will be sold through ebookstores like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as an author or publisher, you may also wish to sell copies of your ebook through your own website.
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Can Independent Bookstores Compete in the Ebook Market?

While giant corporations like Amazon, Google, Sony, Barnes & Noble and Chapters/Indigo have managed to pull together comprehensive bookstores with varying degrees of success, the same task currently is beyond the ability and budget of the small independent bookstore.
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