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Why You Should Submit Your Ebook to Contests and Awards

Ebook awards, for the most part, seem a little amateurish. They usually don’t offer much in the way of money for the award, and the entry fees might just be putting you off. There are good reasons to submit your book for these awards, beyond what prizes may be won. Here are just a few.
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Digital Book World Publishing Innovation Award

The Publishing Innovation Awards honor the most innovative ebooks, enhanced ebooks, and book apps in 14 categories. It is the mission of the PIAs to highlight excellent publishers/authors, encourage new thinking, and improve the reading experience in the digital age

EPIC's Ebook Awards

EPIC's eBook Awards, formerly known as EPPIE, began in 2000 to recognize excellence in ePublished works. The eBook Awards are open to all electronically published works: novels, graphic novels, short stories, non-fiction, and poetry

Global Ebook Awards

The Global eBook Awards are more than an honor for the best eBooks published, they offer high-profile publicity for eBook authors, publishers and the eBook entered.

Green Book Festival

An annual competition honoring books that contribute to greater understanding, respect for and positive action on the changing worldwide environment. Has one category for ebooks.

Green Book Festival Award

An annual competition honoring books/ebooks that contribute to greater understanding, respect for and positive action on the changing worldwide environment.

New York Book Festival Award

An annual program celebrating books that deserve greater recognition from the world’s publishing capital. Considers print and ebooks in most genres.

Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Open to all indie book authors and publishers including independent publishers (small, medium or otherwise), university presses, self-published authors, e-book authors, seasoned authors and even first time authors in the U.S., Canada or internationally.

Reader Views Literary Book Awards

The annual literary awards were established to honor writers who self-published or had their books published by a subsidy publisher, small press, university press, or independent book publisher geared for the North American reading audience. POD & ebooks are accepted.

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