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How Important Are Cover Images for Ebooks?

In the world of digital books, is the cover as important as it once was? After all, most of the time the consumer isn’t going to see the cover any larger than an inch tall in the ebookstore and in her ebook reader’s library, so is it still worthwhile to spend the money on a professionally designed cover?
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Ebook Cover Graphics That Sell

Ebook cover graphics. They are an essential marketing and selling tool for your ebooks. As I’m sure you’ve been told before, they must be unique. They must give an accurate representation of your ebook. They must also make use of the right colors and images in order to be effective.
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Color Psychology for e-Book Cover Design

Great information about the psychology of colors in your book and e-book cover designs.

Inexpensive custom ebook cover and box design.

Tutorial: 3D Software Box

A tutorial demonstrating how to use Photoshop to create a 3D software box or book

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