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Why Microsoft should get out of DRM

In this 2004 brief, Science fiction author Cory Doctorow tells Microsoft why the DRM business is bad for business.
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A Digital Object Approach to Interoperable Rights Management

'This article builds upon previous work in the areas of access control for digital information objects; models for cross-organizational authentication and access control; DOI-based applications and services; and ongoing efforts to establish interoperability mechanisms for digital rights management (DRM) technologies (e.g., eBooks).'

Analyzing the Business Case for DRM

What is the business case for DRM, or DRM-free for that matter? What, exactly, are the issues a publisher should consider when determining when and where to use DRM to restrict access to digital content?

Consumer's Guide to DRM

INDICARE, a European agency set up for an informed dialogue on the acceptability of DRM solutions for consumers in Europe offers this document in 10 different languages.

DRM For Persons Who are Blind

'In the information age, nobody disagrees that it is a human right to access information. DRM systems must respect this human right for persons who are blind and print disabled.'

Free Culture

The full text of the book by Lawrence Lessig subtitled How Big Media Uses Technology and the Law to Lock Down Culture and Control Creativity

Managing Digital Piracy: Pricing and Protection

"These results are based on the following digital rights conjecture: that granting digital rights increases the incidence of digital piracy, and that managing digital rights therefore involves restricting the rights of usage that contribute to customer value."

Open Digital Rights Management

A position paper on ODRM which clear principles focused on interoperability across multiple sectors and support for fair-use doctrines.

Publishers' Requirements for DRM

Digital rights management (DRM), the technologies, tools and processes that protect intellectual property during digital content commerce, is a vital building block of the emerging electronic book (ebook) market.

Trusting DRM Software

Providing a solid and reliable DRM security model that will at the same time be simple for users is vital to the success of DRM.

Why DRM cannot protect copyrights

DRM alone is not the whole answer to IPR in the internet age. Monitoring is needed to reestablish the broken link between work and owner. The working DRM always needs a monitoring companion.

Why Rights Management is Wrong

'Digital rights management based on enforcement is moribund. The bits are free and they can't be put back in the bottle. Yet, content creators want to get paid and users want superior quality content. Assuming that users are willing to pay for content they like, we propose a scheme for digital rights licensing modeled after shareware licensing.'

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