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How Important Are Cover Images for Ebooks?

In the world of digital books, is the cover as important as it once was? After all, most of the time the consumer isn’t going to see the cover any larger than an inch tall in the ebookstore and in her ebook reader’s library, so is it still worthwhile to spend the money on a professionally designed cover?
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Selling Your Own Ebooks Through WordPress

Although most of your ebooks will be sold through ebookstores like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as an author or publisher, you may also wish to sell copies of your ebook through your own website.
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Can Independent Bookstores Compete in the Ebook Market?

While giant corporations like Amazon, Google, Sony, Barnes & Noble and Chapters/Indigo have managed to pull together comprehensive bookstores with varying degrees of success, the same task currently is beyond the ability and budget of the small independent bookstore.
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Amazon Kindle Store

Amazon's ebook store for their Kindle apps and devices.

Campus eBookstore

Campus E-Bookstore is a development project owned by North American College stores. The goal of Campus E-Bookstore is to develop affordable alternatives and compliments to traditional course materials. We offer facilities for eBook consumers, booksellers and publishers.

How to build an ebook store

Most booksellers I speak to are keen, or anxious, to get into the ebook market. So how do you do it? Here’s a quick guide to the issues and challenges you’ll face today as you set up your online ebook store.

Sony Reader Store

eBooks in EPUB format for Sony's Digital Reader, Android, PC or Mac App.

Tizra Publisher

Tizra Publisher is the fastest way to get all your content online under your own brand, with advanced features including flexible access control and ecommerce, highly targeted search, total control over web design and powerful content management, all accessible through an easy to use web control panel.

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