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Ebooks, Publishers and Libraries. A Bibliography Of The Conflict

Publishers and Libraries have been at odds over ebooks for some time now. I’ve collected a sampling of articles and blog posts from the past 18 months chronicling the conflict.
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Are eBooks Creating New Opportunities for Short Story Writers?

At the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries, short stories were at their peak of popularity.  Since then the short story has taken quite a hit, but digital publishing is poised to bring the literary form back into the public view.
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Will E-Books Topple Publishers as We Know Them?

Are the major publishing houses we love and revile about to come tumbling down, undermined by a million e-bookers? Yes, says Smashwords’ founder Mark Coker, “there’s a revolution afoot.” No, says Berrett-Koehler’s David Marshall, the new publishing houses will just be different and better. The odd man out, publishing consultant Peter Beren, thinks the traditional publishers will not only survive, they will probably just absorb the current e-book craze and crazies.
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Copyright in the New World of Electronic Publishing

The text of a 1994 lecture, by attorney William S. Strong, addressing how copyright will, if it can, deal with the new world of electronic publishing.

Digital Bill of Rights

The NWU offers some advice to writers on their rights in the digital age.

Electronic Literature Organization

A nonprofit organization with a mission to promote and facilitate the writing, publishing and reading of literature designed for electronic media, ELO's site features industry news, events, chats and links to electronic literature sites.

Journal of Electronic Publishing

A journal dedicated to electronic publishing, from the University of Michigan Press.

The Art of Electronic Publishing

An online book that takes a look at a wide range of electronic publishing formats. Features a neat remote control navigation system.

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