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How to Get Free Ebooks for Your Kindle


If you’ve recently purchased a Kindle, or received one as a gift, you know that you’d have to spend an awful lot of money on ebooks to fill up all the storage space available on the device. If you want to grow your ebook collection without emptying your pocketbook, there are a number of ways to get a wide variety of books to enhance your Kindle library.

1) Public Domain Ebooks

Project Gutenberg offers most of their collection in Kindle format. They offer books that were originally published before 1923, and therefore have gone into the public domain, as well as books from authors that have decided to give away some of their work for promotional purposes.

You can download Project Gutenberg books to your computer and transfer them to your Kindle via USB connection, or if you have a newer Kindle, you can use the browser to navigate to to download the books directly to your device.

2) Free Kindle Books on

If you want to read more than just the classics, you can find an ever-changing selection of ebooks for free on Amazon’s Kindle Store. Click here to view the current selection on Amazon. There is usually something for everyone, from non-fiction to romance, mystery to science fiction.

3) Free Books Direct From Publishers

While you’ll rarely find a New York Times Bestseller available for free, you can find a wide variety of books from publishers online. Smashwords has a list here of free ebooks in all genres.

Other publishers like Baen offer free books to encourage sales. These publishers have found that offering the first book in a series for free can beef up sales for the rest of the series, and offering a free backlist book by an author that has a new release can improve sales of the new title.

4) Free eBooks in Exchange for a Review

If you run a book blog, or review books on your website or, you can get a membership to, a digital galley reviewing site.

You can choose books to review from a wide variety of publishers, and those you’ve picked will be delivered digitally (at the discretion of the publisher). If you review books the books you’ve requested in a timely manner, you should have no problem getting all the reading material you’ll ever need.

Keep Track of Free Books via RSS

If you have a hard time remembering to check for new books regularly, you can use your feed reader to help you out. Here are a few feeds you might want to subscribe to:

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