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Why You Should Submit Your Ebook to Contests and Awards

Ebook awards, for the most part, seem a little amateurish. They usually don’t offer much in the way of money for the award, and the entry fees might just be putting you off. There are good reasons to submit your book for these awards, beyond what prizes may be won. Here are just a few.
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Are eBooks Creating New Opportunities for Short Story Writers?

At the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries, short stories were at their peak of popularity.  Since then the short story has taken quite a hit, but digital publishing is poised to bring the literary form back into the public view.
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How to Get Free Ebooks for Your Kindle

If you’ve recently purchased a Kindle, or received one as a gift, you know that you’d have to spend an awful lot of money on ebooks to fill up all the storage space available on the device. If you want to grow your ebook collection without emptying your pocketbook, there are a number of ways to get a wide variety of books to enhance your Kindle library.

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Ebook Formats 101

What all authors and publishers should know about the most popular ebook formats.
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Ebook Cover Graphics That Sell

Ebook cover graphics. They are an essential marketing and selling tool for your ebooks. As I’m sure you’ve been told before, they must be unique. They must give an accurate representation of your ebook. They must also make use of the right colors and images in order to be effective.
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