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Will E-Books Topple Publishers as We Know Them?

Are the major publishing houses we love and revile about to come tumbling down, undermined by a million e-bookers? Yes, says Smashwords’ founder Mark Coker, “there’s a revolution afoot.” No, says Berrett-Koehler’s David Marshall, the new publishing houses will just be different and better. The odd man out, publishing consultant Peter Beren, thinks the traditional publishers will not only survive, they will probably just absorb the current e-book craze and crazies.
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Why Microsoft should get out of DRM

In this 2004 brief, Science fiction author Cory Doctorow tells Microsoft why the DRM business is bad for business.
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The Future of Textbooks: Ebooks in the Classroom

Will the classroom of the future be devoid of paper? A discussion of digital textbooks, their advantages and possible effects.
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