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Why You Should Submit Your Ebook to Contests and Awards


Ebook awards, for the most part, seem a little amateurish. They usually don’t offer much in the way of money for the award, and the entry fees might just be putting you off. There are good reasons to submit your book for these awards, beyond what prizes may be won. Here are just a few.

Make Connections

Ebook awards often come with networking opportunities, whether it be something as simple as a message board, or as extravagant as a black-tie awards ceremony. Taking advantage of these opportunities to meet other authors and publishers is a good way to expand your professional network as a writer.

Get Publicity

Ebook awards may not make the national news, but you can still use them to generate publicity for your book and thereby help it get noticed by readers.

If your ebook is nominated for an award, or is voted as a finalist for an award, or wins an award, sending out a press release can help you garner additional attention for the title.

Boost Sales

If your book is a finalist or a winner in any ebook award category, you can state that in the description of your book on your own site and at online ebook stores. This can boost credibility in the eyes of those searching for their next book, and improve your chances of getting the sale.

Increase Your Credibility and Prestige as an Author

If one of your ebooks wins an award, not only is it an award-winning book, but you become an award-winning author — something you can use in every bio, press release, and future book description from here on in.

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