has been an online source for publishing information for over six years.

Wendy has had a passionate interest in the publishing industry for about 20 years. She worked for an independent publisher in Alberta before moving to Ontario.

Ian's an action guy. He loves working out an idea, and making it real.

Over the past ten years, our web development business PairoWoodies (both Wendy and Ian had the same nickname when they were teenagers - Woody) has worked with print magazines to create their online presence. We've watched them evolve, expand, in some cases fail.

This experience of helping those independent magazine publishers and seeing the trials, tribulations and successes created the idea of expanding and refocusing the PublishingCentral website toward independent magazine publishers.

Why now?

Because the word is out that print is dead, and we know it's not.

What are our goals?

We want to provide resources for independent publishers. A place where they can glean ideas and inspiration.

We want to document the independent magazine industry. The print industry isn't dying, but it is evolving. It's going to look different in the next decade, and we want to be there.

We want to be cheerleaders and evangelists for print. The more good news there is about print, especially during this 'print is dead' phase, the stronger the industry will be when it emerges from the panic.

We want to provide a place where independent magazine publishers can share their knowledge and get assistance from others who 'get it'.

We want you to use us. Tell us your success stories, and we'll spread the word for you. Be blatantly self-promotional. As long as you're interesting, we'll jump on your bandwagon.