Henry Johnson Fisher Award
The Henry Johnson Fisher Award, established in 1964, recognizes individuals who have made significant and long-standing contributions to the magazine industry and society, and who have demonstrated extraordinary leadership, skill and understanding in support of the industry. Annual honorees are selected by the MPA's Henry Johnson Fisher Award Committee from nominees suggested by more than 200 voting representatives from MPA member companies.

Kelly Awards
The Kelly Awards were established in 1981 to promote the pursuit of the highest standards in magazine advertising and to focus attention on the importance of achieving results. The Kelly Awards winners and finalists are announced in late spring each year.

National Magazine Awards (Canada)
The National Magazine Awards Foundation is a bilingual, not-for-profit institution whose mission is to recognize excellence in the content and creation of Canadian magazines through an annual program of awards.

National Magazine Awards (USA)
Informally referred to as the "Ellies" (after the Alexander Calder stabile "Elephant" that is presented to each winner), the National Magazine Awards recognize outstanding magazine journalism. The event is held each year in May.

The Magazine Editors' Hall of Fame
The Magazine Editors' Hall of Fame was established in 1995 to recognize career-long achievement and excellence of a select group of magazine editors. In addition to being at the pinnacle of his/her career, the recipient should also have a record of "giving back" to the magazine industry as a whole, either through industry associations or other voluntary and cooperative forms of service.