Consumer Magazines
Consumer magazines generally cater to a non-professional audience whereas trade magazines target a specific profession, trade, or field of science. Some magazines, like computer trade magazines and job listing weeklies, fall into the gray area in between the two categories.

Guidelines for Publishing In Latin America
This White Paper takes a look at the situation today and what it implies for business publishers in or planning to be in Latin America. [PDF Format]

Legal Issues Relating To Publishing In New Media
A white paper from American Business Media.

The Magazine Handbook 2008-2009
With 19 all-new pages and updates throughout, the 2008/09 edition of the Magazine Handbook provides a wealth of facts, figures, and statistics on all aspects of the U.S. consumer magazine industry that you can use in your sales efforts.

What is a Magazine?
Publishing Central's introduction to magazine publishing begins by trying to narrow down exactly what a magazine is.