Before You Launch
If you want to launch a new magazine, there are a lot of things you'll need to get a handle on before you begin.

The Ball Bearing Strikes Back
Many advertisers couldnít afford the big magazines, even when times were great. Now that times are so upside down, look for niche magazines to look even better.

Avoid The Newsstand Bloodbath
Distribution can be as brutal as ad sales. But it doesn't have to be. Here are some thoughts on how to best work with and around "the system."

Getting Out There
Michael Brooke's eighth article in his series on independent magazine survival gives advice on getting new subscribers. Is bigger better, or does slow and steady win the race?

Selling Ads in Your Magazine
Michael Brooke's fourth article in his series on independent magazine survival explains his approach to selling advertising in his magazine.

Selling Advertising
Michael Brooke's fifth article in his series on independent magazine survival shows how a niche publisher can attact and keep advertisers.

The Ball Bearing and the Beach Ball - Introduction
What does it take to survive, or even thrive, as an independent magazine publisher during these tough financial times? Michael Brooke begins a weekly article series exploring the question.

The Magic Number
How long does it take to be a publishing expert, and how do you get it all done? Michael Brooke tackles these questions.

What's Your Magazine's Focus
A ball bearing publisher is not concerned primarily by size but rather by stature. What does that mean? Find out in the sixth installment of The Ball Bearing and the Beach Ball where Michael Brooke talks about focus..

Who are the needles in the haystack?
Michael Brooke's seventh article in his series on independent magazine survival shows you which readers your magazine should be pursuing.

Why Do You Want To Publish a Magazine?
Michael Brooke asks why on earth you're in, or want to enter, this ghastly, cruel marketplace, and has some great advice if you've got the gumption to stick it out.

Magazine Publishers: Let's Get Small
Michael Brooke's third article in his series on independent magazine survival advises new publishers to be small. Very small.

Essentials of a Newsletter or Magazine Business Plan
Information on the very first step you need to take toward publishing your own magazine.

Five Deadly Publishing Mistakes
Cheryl Woodard examines some of the reasons new publications fail, and what you can do to avoid those same traps.

Launching a Magazine: FAQ
A simple checklist from Mr. Magazine that will help you create your magazine from idea to print. Follow these steps one at a time and you will discover you have a business plan for your new magazine right in your very own hands.

Starting a Magazine
Laughing Bear Press offers some advice to anyone thinking of starting up a new magazine.

Starting a New Magazine or Newspaper
A very brief article from

Ten Hot Tips for First-Time Publishers
Some simple steps you can take to increase the odds that your own publishing ideas will succeed.