Interview: Michael Brooke - Concrete Wave Magazine
Michael Brooke is something of a legend in the skateboarding world. As publisher of Concrete Wave Magazine, he describes himself as a "skater turned publisher," but as our interview reveals, he is as intently passionate about the written word as he is about skateboarding.

Interview: Tom Kirkman - Rodmaker Magazine
Ten years ago, Tom Kirkman did what many people would say was nearly impossible. He launched a glossy, color magazine for a small niche market. A decade later, his magazine, Rodmaker Magazine, is still going strong. We interviewed Tom about his successes, difficulties, and lessons learned as a successful independent magazine publisher.

Interview with Brad Ring of WineMaker and Brew Your Own Magazines
Of all the independent publishers we've interviewed so far, the publisher of WineMaker and Brew Your Own magazines is probably the person who prepared the most thoroughly for a career as a magazine publisher. Find out about Brad Ring's background, his magazines, and his advice to new publishers in this interview.

Interview with Cynthia Moyer, Publisher of Open Magazine
Cynthia Moyer is a social enterprise publisher of a health and living magazine with one of the most unique twists to magazine publication we've seen. Find out how colour, a social mission, and a strong desire to serve open minded, intelligent women, are driving explosive growth for one magazine.

Interview with Gloria Hildebrandt of Escarpment Views Magazine
Gloria Hildebrandt, a freelance writer and editor, has contributed to many magazines over her career, but now has a magazine of her own. Along with co-publisher Mike Davis, she has a little over one year of publishing Escarpment Views under her belt. Learn how she's keeping her readers and advertisers happy, even in a tough economic climate.

Interview with Suzanne Soto-Davies of Silver and Gold Magazine
While some print magazines are looking at a bleak future, Suzanne Soto-Davis has her sights set high. Her two year-old magazine's 55+ demographic is growing, they're a boon to advertisers, and they are avid magazine readers.

Interview with Woody of Sneaker Freaker
Started as a way to get free shoes, Sneaker Freaker has become a world-wide pheonomenon with a ton of influence in its niche. Find out how a passion for footwear turned into a full time publishing business in our interview with Woody, Sneaker Freaker's founder and editor.

The Life and Letters of Walter H. Page
This book, written by Burton J. Hendrick and published in 1923, profiles the life of the Atlantic's most celebrated editors.