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Book Clubs

American Adventure Book Club
Book club aimed at kids between 8 and 12 years old, featuring fiction teaching American history with a strongly Christian bent.

Audio Book Club
A spoken word/audio book club with online ordering, and an affiliate program.

Black Expressions
A Doubleday Direct bookclub featuring exclusively African American authors.

Book Club Clauses in Publishing Contracts
Advice for authors and publishers about unique book club deals and how the publishing contract can best deal with the situation. From attorney Ivan Hoffman.

Book Club Kai
I'm just guessing about content because this site is all in Japanese, but it looks like this club covers new age/buddhist/eastern philosophy/occult type books.

Can Book Clubs Survive the Web?
"With the rise of the Internet as a retail channel, these traditional outlets--with their heavy reliance on paper and 'snail mail' to communicate with customers--now find themselves teetering on the precipice of major change."

Dance Book Club
A book club for dancers and those interested in dance from Princeton Book Company.

Decorative Artists Book Club
Features decorative painting books, painting videos and art supplies. From F&W Publications.

Doubleday Bookclub
Doubleday's bookclub featuring romance, mystery and other mass market/best selling fiction and non fiction.

Doubleday Direct Bookclubs
The home of what used to be Newbridge Book Clubs, this site offers book clubs catering to collectors, art professionals, natural history enthusiasts and more.

Doubleday Large Print
This one hardly is in need of an explanation, though I did wonder why a site promoting large print books would use such a small on-screen font.

Graphic Design Book Club
The only book club exclusively for graphic designers. In its more than 17-year history, GDBC has offered graphic design professionals an extensive selection of new and unique design books crafted to spur their creativity, sharpen their technological skills and help them master the business end of design.

History Book Club
A book club for history buffs run by the Book-of-The-Month Club. The site isn't terribly informative, but I'm tempted anyways.

Library of Computer and Information Sciences
One of Doubleday's smaller niche bookclubs specializing in books for computing and networking professionals.

Military Book Club
A Doubleday Direct bookclub offering books on every aspect of the military.

North Light Book Club
A book club from F&W Publications exclusively for artists, featuring painting books, videos and art supplies.

Outdoorsman's Edge
Doubleday book club featuring books for outdoor sportsmen including fresh & saltwater fishing, wingshooting, bowhunting, big game, survival and wild game cooking.

Quality Paperback Book Club
From the people that bring you the Book-of-the-Month Club, this club offers only paperbacks.

Spiritual Book Associates
We are the biggest Catholic book club and have subscribers all over the world. Founded in 1934 by Jesuit Francis X. Talbot, Spiritual Book Associates is now a division of Ave Maria Press at the University of Notre Dame.

Stage and Screen
This Doubleday book club features works by playwrights and screenwriters, as well as biographies and memoirs from show business personalities.

Teen People Book Club
A unique book club for teens (mostly teen girls) from the Book-of-the-Month Club and Teen People Magazine.

The Book-of-the-Month Club
The grandfather of all book clubs, going back to 1926, but currently dwarfed by Doubleday's massive clubs.

The IMM Bookclub
A good example of tight niche book clubs, this one is geared towards injection molding professionals.

The Literary Guild
Another Doubleday book club offering a wide variety of fiction and non fiction titles.

The Mystery Guild
Another one from Doubleday. Check it out if you're into crime, mystery and suspense.

The Psychotherapy Book Club
Clinical books for psychotherapists. An ugly site, but a rich niche, I suspect.

The Science Fiction Book Club
Another Doubleday Direct bookclub, featuring the best in science fiction and fantasy.

Venus Book Club
Doubleday explores the steamier side of life with this book club specializing in sex and sexuality.

WoodWorker's Book Club
Features books and videos for woodworkers. From F&W Publications.