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Book History

Dime Novels at the Beginning of the 20th Century
An excerpt from a book for writers describing the state of the dime novel publishing industry in the early 1900s

The Future of the Book Business
The printing press technology shattered the content monopoly. In 50 years (1450-1500), the number of books in Europe swelled from a few thousand to more than 9 million. And, as McLuhan noted, it shifted the emphasis from the oral mode of content distribution (i.e., "communication") to the visual mode. E-books are only the latest application of age-old principles to new "content-containers".

A Literary History of the American West
"A Literary History of the American West begins with the stories told in and the reports about the Old West. There are also chapters surveying the history of those genres brought to the West before 1890 but not well rooted here until after the Second World War. In short, the first stage in the literary history of the West is the literature of the frontier. The history of every literature, of course, begins with such a stage. That is how we go on. "

American Printing History Association
Encourages the study of printing history and its related arts and skills, including calligraphy, typefounding, typography, papermaking, bookbinding, illustration, and publishing.

Bibliography for Western Book History
Created for a University course by Richard W. Clement, this bibliography covers book history from the ancient world to the future of publishing.

Book History Online
BHO contains titles of books and articles on the history of the printed book worldwide. It is based on ABHB, the Annual Bibliography of the History of the printed Book and Libraries.

Book Information Website
A comprehensive site devoted to book arts, book history, printing history, and other related topics.

Caxton's Chaucer - view the original Canterbury Tales
On this site you will find William Caxtons two editions of Chaucers Canterbury Tales, probably printed in 1476 and 1483. The originals are both in the British Library.

Centre for the History of the Book
Site describing the projects, events, and courses offered by this center at University of Edinburgh.

Comic Page
A fairly detailed history of comic books from 1896 to the present.

First U.S. Press
A short RealAudio segment, with transcript, about the first printing press to arrive in the colonies and the influence it had on American civilization.

German Propaganda Archive
This historical study examines the role of propaganda in relation to the Nazi and East German states. Includes a disturbing section on anti-Semitism.

Glossary of Terms
Glossary of terms for pre-industrial book history.

History of Printing
A small Website tracing the development of the printed book.

History of the Book in Canada Project
A good outline of book history in Canada, with several papers online with in-depth information on particular regions of the country.

Horn Book Virtual History Exhibit
Horn Book online history of its 75 years of publishing.

Printing Historical Society
The Society fosters interest in the history of printing and encourages both the study and the preservation of printing machinery, records, and equipment of historical value.

Rare Book School
An independent non-profit educational institute supporting the study of the history of books and printing and related subjects.

Research Centre - History of the Book
The Research Centre in the History of the Book is a federation of the Institute of English Studies (host), the British Library, the University of London Library, St Bride Printing Library, Reading University, the Open University, and Birmingham University.

Website of the Society for History, Authorship, Reading and Publishing.

The Book Trade History Group
The Book Trade History Group was founded in 1985 to improve communications between book historians and to advance the subject by encouraging debate and research.

The Domesday Book
Produced at amazing speed in the years after the Conquest, the Domesday Book provides a vivid picture of late 11th-century England. Find out how it was compiled, and what it reveals about life in the new Conqueror's kingdom.

The Gutenberg Bible
The Gutenberg Bible was printed in Mainz around 1454-5. It is the first major book printed in the west. We have reason to believe that about 180 copies were printed and significant parts of 48 copies still survive.

The Manuscript Book
Information on medieval book production from ORB Online Encyclopaedia.

The Printed Book
How printed books evolved from Johann Gutenberg to the 16th century - from ORB Online Encyclopaedia