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Writing for Teen Magazines
Mridu Khullar offers advice about writing for teen magazines, where the pay can be great, and the rules barely count.

Break in with Fillers: The Best Market for New Writers
Interested in breaking into writing or breaking into a new area? You can't go past writing fillers. Fillers are one of the most overlooked opportunities in the freelance writing world and offer one of the best opportunities for new writers.

Become a Freelance Article Writer
Full-time freelancer Jill Black offers advice on starting your freelance career, along with valuable links to help you find markets for your writing.

Help -- My Writing's Not Selling!
Angela Booth offers her advice for writers on how to better market and sell articles.

How to Become a Writer-Salesman
While browsing through some old books, I discovered this chapter on copywriting in a book called "Personal Efficiency", by James Samuel Knox. While the language is somewhat dated, it is interesting to note that there have been very few changes in the techniqes and theory of sales-letter writing since then. Since the book is in the public domain, I thought I'd share the chapter here.

Self-Syndication with RSS
How to create an RSS file that will allow your links and headlines to be seen across multiple portals and news sites.

The Language of Freelancing
Mridu Khullar explains some of the basic terms freelancers should know before selling their articles to publications.

Reviewing a Stage Play
Writing a play critique is an exciting, challenging task which requires some special skills of the reviewer.

12 Ways to Find New Material to Write About
Are you running short of ideas for your articles? Is generating fresh ideas for writing becoming difficult? By following the techniques discussed in this article, you will be an article generating power house.

Becoming a Songwriter
This guide focuses on marketing your songs and covers topics of vital importance to anyone who wants to become a published songwriter.

Freelance Work Exchange
Freelance Work Exchange is dedicated to bringing you all the latest freelance jobs and projects, with new listings added daily.

Report on Pay Rates for Freelance Journalists
A study of pay rates for freelance journalists in order to determine a minimum recommended rate.

The Well-Fed Writer
Information on helping writers break into the lucrative arena of commercial freelancing: writing for corporations and other business entities and at rates of $50-100+/hour. Based around best-selling book, "The Well-Fed Writer."

Writing for Newspapers
SpeechTraining.info offers this chapter from Joseph Devlin's book "How to Speak and Write Correctly".