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University Presses

American Psychiatric Press, Inc.
Contains a catalog of publications, author guidelines, and a newsletter designed to answer frequently asked questions about submitting manuscripts and more.

Amsterdam University Press
This site, available in both Dutch and English, offers an online catalogue (beware-most of their titles are in dutch), and a way to add your name to their mailing list.

Auckland University Press
The leading scholarly publisher in New Zealand, publishing Maori studies, New Zealand history and biography, and is the country's major publisher of new poetry.

Cambridge University Press
Cambridge University Press was founded in 1534. Its website offers an online catalog, information about the press, and a page of information for authors that's not quite done yet.

Chinese University Press
This Hong Kong University's blinding website includes a list of publications, and a directory of staff.

Columbia University Press
Offers online catalogs, employment listings, as well as an editorial staff directory.

Copenhagen Business School Press
Publishes books on Management, Economics, Law and Linguistics. The site is available in both English and Danish.

Creighton University Press
The Creighton University Press specializes in the areas of Irish studies, theology, and health policy & ethics.

Duke University Press
Information on books and journals published by Duke, which publishes primarily in the humanities and social sciences, though it does also publish two journals of advanced mathematics and a few publications for primarily professional audiences

Duquesne University Press
Editorial program includes the field of literature studies (medieval and Renaissance), philosophy, psychology, religious studies and theology, spirituality, and creative nonfiction.

Edinburgh University Press
This press, in its statement, says that it aims to be the pre-eminent publisher of serious books on Scotland. The site is a bit of a maze, but the books and journals are interesting.

Gallaudet University Press
Publishes titles on deafness and deaf related subjects.

Harvard Business School Publishing
This site is worth a visit based on its design alone. A great looking, functional site that will keep you browsing for a very long time.

Harvard University Press
If I had unlimited funds, I'd go on a shopping spree at this site. The site includes general contact information, a history of the press, and an online bookstore.

Information on their books, and a whole lot of information on the press, including a media area, prospectus guidelines, staff list, mailing list and more.

Indiana University Press
Indiana University Press is a major international scholarly publisher with headquarters on the Bloomington campus of Indiana University. Site includes manuscript submission guidelines, royalties, strategy and more.

Iowa State University Press
Lots of reading here, if you have Adobe's Acrobat reader. The site also includes acquisitions information.

Johns Hopkins University Press
Site includes first chapters of selected new books, information on staff, epublishing and an online catalog of titles.

Kent State University Press
The Kent State University Press publishes scholarly books in the fields of history, including military, U.S. diplomatic, Civil War, American cultural, women's, and art; Ohio regional studies; American and British literature and criticism; and biography.

Louisiana State University Press
Site contains information about their publishing program, full catalog listing, guidelines for submissions, and a staff list with email addresses.

Marquette University Press
This Milwaukee, Wis., publishes scholarly works in a variety of the humanities. Many of their titles are available as e-books as well as in print form.

McGill-Queens University Press
Includes manuscript submission guidelines, new and upcoming titles, a email list to subscribe to, as well as a staff directory.

Michigan State University Press
Site includes online catalog, distribution information, and a staff contact list.

MIT Press
The MIT Press is the only university press in the United States whose list is based in science and technology.

National Academy Press
This is a really fun site to visit. Not only is it visually appealing, but they've got more than a thousand full books digitized for Free reading online in their 'reading room'.

Naval Institute Press
The book publishing arm of the US Naval Institute. The Naval Institute Press publishes more than seventy titles each year, ranging from how-to books on boating and navigation to battle histories, biographies, ship and aircraft guides, and novels.

New York University Press
Includes an online catalog, information about the press, a staff directory, information on events and author appearances and more.

Northeastern University Press
Information about the press, online catalog, and other information.

Northern Illinois University Press
Information on new and backlist titles, a 'meet the press' section, as well as guidelines for manuscript submission.

Oberlin College Press
Information on their new titles, as well as FIELD Magazine. Lots of poetry titles here.

Odense University Press
This danish university press has published over 1,100 books. Their site has information about the press, and lots of title information as well.

Ohio State University Press
Concentrate on the areas of history, crime and criminology, women’s health, narrative theory, legislative studies, Victorian studies, and regional studies, as well as short fiction and poetry.

Ohio University Press
This press offers a mix of scholarly, regional, and trade titles. Information on site about recent and upcoming titles, ordering information, and staff contact list.

Oregon State University Press
Includes a searchable catalog, information on forthcoming titles, authors' guidelines, and ordering information.

Oxford University Press
If you're looking for a copy of the Oxford English Dictionary, this is where you should be. This press, with a long history in book publishing, has an interesting website with information on everything from bibles to employment opportunities.

Penn State University Press
A nicely organized site with information on their books and journals, current news, ordering information, and a staff directory.

Princeton University Press
A nice site with some great books! I spent way too much time here reading sample chapters and looking through their catalogs. There's also information about the press and its staff, and a chance to sign up for their email lists announcing new titles.

Rockefeller University Press
Information about RUP's journals, books and films, some basic information about the press, and a FAQ list.

Rutgers University Press
This site includes a staff directory, manuscript submission guidelines, title and ordering information, as well as links to authors web sites.

Scandinavian University Press
This site is available in Norwegian and English, and provides information on the press' books and journals, basic contact information, and an author services section - primarily for their journals.

Stanford University Press
This is a nice looking site, but it is primarily an online bookstore giving details and excerpts of front list titles.

State University of New York Press
Check out their award winning titles, new releases, information on the press, as well as manuscript submission guidelines.

Syracuse University Press
Each year Syracuse University Press publishes new and groundbreaking books in specialized areas including New York State, Middle East Studies, Judaica, Geography, Irish Studies, Native American Studies, Religion, Television and Popular Culture.

Temple University Press
An online catalog, an 'about the press' section which includes information on submitting manuscripts for consideration, links, and more.

Texas Tech University Press
Features an online catalog, ordering information, and press information including manuscript submission guidelines.

Texas Western Press
There's not much here other than information on a few selected books.

The University of Akron Press
Site includes online catalog, submission guidelines, staff directory, and information on the Akron Poetry Prize.

The University of Alabama Press
A great looking online catalog of all their books, journals, and series. Site also includes staff directory.

The University of Alberta Press
The UAP website includes guidelines, a staff directory, and a catalog of their books - mostly Western/Northern Canadian topics.

The University of Chicago Press
This press publishes some of the most interesting books around, and of course, is famous for the Chicago Manual of Style that should be on every editor's bookshelf.

The University of Pittsburgh Press
Lots of information on new releases, journals and backlist books, poetry and prose prizes as well as information on submitting manuscripts.

The University of Texas Press
Information about the press and its titles, including guidelines for authors.

Truman State University Press
Information on the titles and imprints of this press, the T.S. Eliot Prize for Poetry, and press information.

University of Arizona Press
Publishing primarily books about the West, many by Native Americans, The University of Arizona Press website offers a look through their current catalog, guidelines for manuscript submissions, requesting permissions, author appearances and trade show information as well as other information about the press.

University of Arkansas Press
Find out about the press, its staff, and its books and series. They've got their manuscript submission policy online, as well as information on the Arkansas Poetry Award.

University of British Columbia Press
Canada's 3rd largest University Press, the UBCPress website offers a searchable catalogue, staff directory, and manuscript submission guidelines.

University of California Press
A very large catalog, for a large university press. UCP has more than 3,000 titles in their searchable database.

University of California Press Journals
A look at the journals division of the University of California Press.

University of Cincinnati Digital Press
The University of Cincinnati Digital Press is devoted to the electronic publication of original documentation of the Transmississippi West for use in research and instruction.

University of Exeter Press
A small site, with lists of publications and authors, and an offer to join email lists to receive information on new books on the topics of your choice.

University of Georgia Press
Nothing much here but contact information and an 'under construction' sign at the moment.

University of Hawaii Press
University of Hawai`i Press is recognized as a leading publisher of books and journals in Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Studies. Disciplines covered include the arts, history, language, literature, natural science, philosophy, religion, and the social sciences.

University of Illinois Press
The Press has been the scholarly publishing division of the University since 1918. publishing approximately 120 books and 12 journals per year.

University of Iowa Press
Within the limitations of approximately 30 to 35 new titles per year, the Press's range is reasonably broad. In recent years its list has included well-reviewed books in literature, history, anthropology, archaeology, natural science, poetry, short fiction, architecture, music, social commentary, history of photography, regional studies, transportation history, and other fields.

University of Massachusetts Press
Browse through their recent catalogs, and read excerpts from recent titles.

University of Michigan Press
This press not only publishes books in 40 different subject areas, but it also distributes titles for some overseas university presses. Site includes an informative guide to the manuscript preparation/publishing process for their authors.

University of Minnesota Press
Information about recently published and backlist books, a staff directory, and submission guidelines.

University of Missouri Press
Site includes a searchable online catalog, permission request form, news and information about the press, as well as submission guidelines.

University of Nebraska Press
Publishes serious works of non-fiction. The UNP is the largest academic publisher in the Great Plains and a major publisher of books about that region.

University of North Carolina Press
A nice looking website, a chance to win free books, information on their publishing program, and submission guidelines.

University of North Texas Press
The UNT Press has over 140 titles currently in print, with special emphasis in the areas of Texana, folklore, and multiculturalism. Site also includes authors guidelines.

University of Notre Dame Press
A press with a focus on ethics, philosophy, theology, Irish studies, medieval studies and Mexican-American studies.

University of Oklahoma Press
Information on the press and its staff, as well as manuscript submission guidelines.

University of South Carolina Press
Information about their titles, ordering info, and information about the press, its staff, and its submission policies.

University of Tennessee Press
The University of Tennessee Press publishes scholarly books in American studies, as well as trade books and original fiction dealing with Tennessee, Appalachia, and the South. Site includes manuscript submission guidelines.

University of Toronto Press Inc.
The U of T operates three commercial businesses and a scholarly publishing division. Lots of information on the press and its services.

University of Wales Press
The University of Wales Press site is browsable in both English and Cymraeg, which makes for some fun surfing on its own. Information includes a subject listing and a catalog of Welsh language titles, a mailing list to join, and information about the press.

University of Washington Press
Some great looking books for sale in their online catalog, find out more about sales and ordering information, or learn about the press and how to submit a manuscript to them.

University of Wisconsin Press
A nice looking site with information about the press, books, journals, placement tests, and more. Includes staff list, poetry prize guidelines, rights and permissions info, as well as manuscript submission guidelines.

University Press of Florida
This site offers an online catalog, staff directory, and a book-of-the-month feature.

University Press of Kentucky
The University Press of Kentucky has an active publishing program in the humanities and social sciences and seeks quality manuscripts for its list in those areas.

University Press of Mississippi
Don't visit this page with graphics turned off! The site includes a catalog of books in print, recent news, and a section where you can read their guidelines, and learn about their publishing program, or order a free catalog.

University Press of New England
Includes contact information, complete staff directory, submitting permissions requests; how to submit a manuscript, and information about their publishing programs.

University Press of Virginia
This site includes information on the press and its titles, guidelines for submission, as well as two searchable electonic books about Afro-American resources.

Utah State University Press
This site includes a catalog of front list and back list titles, information on ordering, a poetry competition, and manuscript submission guidelines.

Vanderbilt University Press
Publishes titles in the humanities, social sciences, education, and regional studies, for both academic and general audiences.

Washington State University Press
The WSU Press publishes eight to ten books each year about the prehistory, history, politics, and culture of the West, particularly the Pacific Northwest.

Wesleyan University Press
Wesleyan University Press publishes books in the humanities and social sciences as well as the renowned Wesleyan Poetry series.

Wilfrid Laurier University Press
Information on the press and its titles. Guidelines for requesting examination copies, ordering information, and manuscript submission.

Yale University Press
Lots of information on their new and timely titles as well as their journals and backlist. The site also includes a section on the history of the press and its founders.