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Discoverability: Goodreads
In the tumultuous new world of book publishing, discoverability has become a common buzzword, and a necessary concept to understand in book marketing. This article, the first in a series on discoverability, discusses how to use Goodreads to help readers find you.

The Publicity Handbook
If you plan to send press releases, or contact journalists about your titles, you need to read this book. Even if you're an old PR pro, you'll find this a useful reference you'll refer to again and again.

While You Wait...
There comes a time in the process of book publishing where the author feels like there's nothing to do but wait for the finished book to arrive. Here are ten things to do while you wait for your book to get through production and into bookstores.

5 Steps to an Awesome Op-Ed
Rusty Cawley offers his advice on how to write an attention-getting op-ed piece in five easy steps.

Aim High
Rusty Cawley explains why you should start your PR efforts with national media and top 20 markets.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Bill Stoller offers his advice on tapping into the holiday publicity bonanza.

Hiring a Publicist
Hiring a Publicist? Get Your Money's Worth!

How to Create a Pitch Letter
Oprah and Larry need guests with expert information -- and beyond these "legends" you will find many producers across the country and in your city scrambling to find quality guests.

Marketing Novels
A Low-Cost System for Marketing Novels Is Not a Work of Fiction

Marketing to Schools and Teachers
Links and information for book publishers hoping to market their titles to schools and teachers

Marketing to Schools and Teachers
How to reach educators with your marketing message.

Preparing For A Media Interview
Media interviews are an important part of an overall public relations campaign. Judy Jernudd offers these tips to help you approach those interviews with confidence.

Press Release Pointers
Some basic tips to consider when sending out news releases.

Press Release Primer
5 simple steps to writing a functional news release and other promotional copy, for a new book

Schools are Wired. Are You?
Students are heading back to schools and classrooms with greater computer use and online access. Use your Web site to draw them in.

Secrets for Getting Covered on the News
Emmy Award-winning reporter Jeff Crilley shares five tips to increase your chances of getting your story picked up by reporters.

Sell Your Book At Book Fairs, Festivals & Trade Shows
Catherine Franz explains how to play a bigger game with your book sales by expanding your audiences at local or nonlocal book fairs, festivals or trade shows.

Selling Books Through Interviews
William A. Gordon and Stephen Schochet are Hollywood authors and storytellers who, between themselves, have done over 600 radio interviews. Although they work independently, they often share information about specific shows and compare strategies for getting booked. Here they share some of the lessons they have learned about selling books, CDs and audiotapes through radio interviews.

Top Ten Ways to Promote Your Books Through Flyers
A flyer is an excellent, inexpensive way to promote your book. What makes one flyer so much better than another? Use these top 10 tips to make your flyer stand out from the crowd.

What Publicists Do
The role of the publicist isn't an easy one. Find out what publicists do, and why you might need one.

Why Should I Buy Your Book?
Book Coach Judy Cullins tells you how to turn 'Lookie Loos' into Take-out-the-Credit Card-Buyers.

10 Tips to Creating a Powerful Platform
Publicist Annie Jennings explains what a platform is, and why every author should have one.

How to Create Digital Publicity - A Guide for New Authors
Digital publicity matters for all authors these days, not just the self-published sorts. Conventional publishers are often very weak at addressing these things in a timely way - which means you have to do it.

10 Ways to Monetize your Author Blog
If you’re an author who realizes the importance of having a blog to develop a relationship with your existing readers and to find new readers but also needs to write in ways that produce more direct and immediate revenue instead of just tiny blips in the royalty check, then perhaps you need to find a way to make your blog make money for you while it builds your readership.

Achieve Media Attention for Your Business
Do you want to be quoted by the national press on a daily basis? Fern Reiss explains how to get exposure for your business.

Book Marketing Tips: How to Build Your Email List & Sell More Books in 6 Months
Article marketing is the best book sales lead generation technique on the Web today. Unfortunately, many authors writing articles on the Web fall short in their book marketing efforts. They simply can't get people to visit their websites to buy their books.

Comparing Publicity Submitting Articles Online, PressReleases, Book Signings, and Blogs
Spend your publicity and promotion time on what works. What is easiest and fun. You want to spend time on doing what you can from your home office to reach your targeted audience Online who want and need your service or product.

Creating A Long Term Relationship With Your Reader
The key to creating success as an author is giving delighted readers many opportunities to learn from you and master the material in your book.

Free Press Release Distribution Services
Press releases can be a great way to get the word out about your new book, but if you don’t know where to start, the prices can be astronomical. Why not test out your releases before paying for premium distribution with these free services.

Getting Word Of Mouth Started: New Book PR Method
Authors and business people often go to extremes to publicize their book or product launch. James Finch explains one successful promotion method that'ls right under your nose.

How A Published Author Can Become A Paid Public Speaker
A book is your golden ticket into the speaking business. If you had a book published within the last 12 months in your hands, you have the calling card you need to get those speaking engagements now.

How to Blog to Market a Novel
The challenge of writing ongoing book blog posts is relevant to fiction writers. If youíve written a romance novel or a mystery novel, what are you going to write about in your blog posts?

How to Market Your Work of Fiction
Authors of fiction need to be proactive in the marketing process of their books. They have to create the buzz and make sure it gets out to bookstores, is endorsed by other authors and hyped on as many online sites as possible.

How to PUMP UP Your Blog to Sell More Books
There are blogs and then, there are blogs. Some blogs are to entertain. Some are to inform. As an author who is looking to pump up her blog to sell more books, your blog needs to be a lot of both to makes sure you get those books sold.

How to Sell a Book With YouTube Marketing
The power of the internet gives authority to anyone who wants to use it for innovative and efficient ways to market products or services. The best video marketing strategy is YouTube marketing.

How to Turn Your Book Signing Into a Sell-Out!
Judy Azar LeBlanc describes how she turned her booksignings from a monumental flop to a booming success

Marketing a Hard Sell Book
The book industry knows which titles sell quickly and which titles take longer to sell. Special niche books may be a "hard sell," according to publishing experts. Publishers appreciate the authorís efforts. Have you written a hard-sell book? Your personal marketing efforts may boost sales.

Media Coaching Critical to Book Marketing and Book Publicity
Book marketing experts know that authors who get excited about landing an interview may lose sight of the goal, which is not to gain media interviews but to sell books. The skills needed to generate sales from interviews are best obtained through media coaching or media training.

Using Squidoo To Boost Book Sales
Kareen Ross takes a look at using Squidoo, a social networking site, as an avenue to increase sales.

Author Marketing Questionnaire
Article by former publicity director of Simon & Schuster (and presently a publishing attorney) on importance of the author questionnaire.

Marketing Advice for the Very Small or Self-Publisher
The purpose of this document is to offer some information and advice to authors and publishers whose plans, for the time being, are focused on one or two or a few titles.