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eBook Taxes and the E.U.
The European Union would like e-book publishers to moonlight as tax collectors.

Selling Books and E-Books Online
For many authors the thought of getting professionally published is little more than a dream. That was until the advent of the internet turned the publishing world on it's head. Now anyone can publish their book online in digital, softcover or hardcover formats.

Copyright in the New World of Electronic Publishing
The text of a 1994 lecture, by attorney William S. Strong, addressing how copyright will, if it can, deal with the new world of electronic publishing.

Digital Bill of Rights
The NWU offers some advice to writers on their rights in the digital age.

Electronic Books Resource Pages
Information on electronic publishing, as well as links to electronic books and magazines, and links to software available for electronic publishing, this site also showcases the work of some authors.

Electronic Books: A Good Idea Waiting for the Right Technology
Roger Fidler of Kent State University comments on the history and future of the electronic book.

Electronic Literature Organization
A nonprofit organization with a mission to promote and facilitate the writing, publishing and reading of literature designed for electronic media, ELO's site features industry news, events, chats and links to electronic literature sites.

Electronic Publishing Rights
Lloyd Jassen offers advice for publishers on securing electronic rights to their publications.

Electronic Publishing: Catch the Wave!
A look at electronic publishing with a particular focus on the romance genre. From All About Romance

Journal of Electronic Publishing
A journal dedicated to electronic publishing, from the University of Michigan Press.

Paperless Publishing
An e-book by Colin Haynes about electronic publishing. Paper version published by McGraw Hill.

Poor Richard's Creating E-Books
If you're looking for information to help you get in on the ground floor of this new industry, Poor Richard's Creating E-Books is a great place to start.

Surpassing Gutenberg
Electronic books will succeed, we argue, in part because they provide communicative opportunities not available in traditional, static print media. But, they will also succeed because of developments in technology for blind readers which will benefit all readers regardless of ability or disability.

The Art of Electronic Publishing
An online book that takes a look at a wide range of electronic publishing formats. Features a neat remote control navigation system.