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Contracts with Book Publishers
A chapter from the 1913 book, "The Art of Story Writing" by Nathaniel C. Fowler, Jr, which describes the book publishing contracts of the time, along with a sample contract.

The Danger of Libel
THE author of any book, story, or article is jointly liable with the publisher of it, for anything which may be legally construed to be injurious or damaging to the party written about; and he or the publisher, or both of them, may be subjected to suit at law, resulting in fines or even imprisonment.

A Libel Primer
A non-lawyer's take on an issue that is too often neglected by non-fiction writers and publishers.

Questions to Ask Publishers Before Accepting an Offer
Congratulations! You have just received an offer from a publisher to turn your manuscript into a print book. There is no prouder moment in the career of a writer than having a book published. With that said, there are a number of important questions that you will want to have answers to before accepting an offer from a book publisher.

Book Contract Negotiation Primer
What not to miss when drafting and negotiating your book publishing contract.

Compilation Rights in Book Contracts
The Internet and print on demand technology including the coming use of in-store kiosks, has given the reading consumer the power to create his or her own book or compilation of printed materials. Are you as a publisher or author ready for the future?

Contract FAQ
A basic guide to understanding contracts, from science fiction writer Tara K. Harper.

Delivery and Acceptance of a Manuscript
You've just received a manuscript from an author, and your editor thinks it stinks. What are your options?

Electronic Issues in Publishing Contracts
Publishers and authors alike should be reviewing the agreements they use or sign respectively to make certain those agreements reflect their positions when it comes to these all-important issues.

Electronic Rights: Publishing Agreement
A discussion of the grant of rights and royalty clauses in publishing contracts.

Get it in Writing: Why You Need a Valid Publishing Contract
Publishing attorney Lloyd L. Rich explains why a proper publishing contract is essential.

Model Author-Agent Contract
As author-agent contracts don't seem to be a one-size-fits-all item, a few alternative contract clauses are included in this draft, accompanied by italicized comments.

Model Contract: Hardcover
A model contract from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America for educational use only.

Model Contract: Paperback
A paperback book contract from SFWA designed to help writers understands common publishing contracts and to help them negotiate better contracts.

Never, Ever Release Any Of Your Rights To Anyone
While there are exceptions, as explained here, selling any rights to your work can come back to bite you badly. Most major publishers will pass on any work for which full rights are not available.

Out of Print Provisions in Book Contracts
This clause in a book contract is often glossed over but rights to a book that may appear to be no longer a marketable title may have important implications.

Publication of Photographs: Is A Release Required?
There is no area of photography that is more controversial and unsettled among legal and photography professionals than the issue of when releases are required. Attorney Lloyd Rich examines the issues.

Reading a Contract
An overview of some of the common clauses in a publishing contract.

Standard Freelance Editorial Agreement
A sample contract in three downloadable formats from The Editors' Association of Canada

Ten Key Negotiating Points in an Author-Publisher Agreement
Attorney Ivan Hoffman offers a general overview of the key contractual issues that authors and publishers must contend with.

The Book Publishers Legal Checklist
The importance of written contracts, and some basic information on the contracts a publisher should have to acquire appropriate rights.

The Cover Artist/Illustrator Contract
Publishers should never pay cover artists and illustrators to do work without having a sufficient contract covering the issues about who owns the rights to the artist’s work. Ivan Hoffman explains why.

The Indemnity Clause in Book Contracts
A look at the provision found in most publishing contracts requiring the author to stand behind his or her work.

Useful forms for writers, artists and publishers
From the law offices of Lloyd J. Jassin.